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Cuisines around the world

With its Originals, Avo (Belm, Germany) is successively developing a new range of spice mixtures, marinades and seasoning sauces that mirror many national cuisines. Whether it’s US-American, Mediterranean, Latin American, Eastern European, Scandinavian or Asian – there are no limits to the culinary variety offered by Avo. Each of the company’s recipes uses authentic, cuisine-specific compositions.

To launch the new line, the taste expert has set three culinary exclamation points after its new Asian cuisine creations. All three compositions, Avo Originals Sweet Chili, Red Thai Curry and Roasted Sesame, are offered as complete marinades. The new creations are ideally suited for making vegetarian and vegan convenience and snack products, for example using jackfruit. From the kitchen, catering and party service to service- and hot-meal-counter sales, the spice blends are open for all culinary uses – fresh or pre-cooked. And the best thing about the product line is that further regional cuisine-based compositions are planned.

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