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Creating taste experiences

Whether hearty-spicy, fiery-spicy or fruity-sweet – herbs and spices lend special taste accents as well as an appetizing appearance to meats and sausages. This article presents new seasoning and marinating products.

Herbs and spices come from all over the world and bring variety and taste to our cuisine. They give each dish a distinctive note and an appetizing appearance. They tickle the palate, increase well-being and benefit health.

Consumers appreciate foods like meats and sausages that have unmistakable flavors and special taste profiles. In addition, consumers increasingly want natural, additive-free ingredients. Spice manufacturers comply with this desire for “clean label” products and largely dispense with the use of declarable additives in their products. They offer butchers a large selection of natural spice ideas, ready-made spice mixtures, liquid seasonings and marinades. This makes it easy for butchers to produce meats and sausages with consistently high quality, consistency, appearance and taste.

In this article, Die Fleischerei presents tasty ideas from a number of different spice manufacturers.

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