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Craftmanship with tradition

Modern smoking plants stand for the future-oriented development of traditional smoking processes. In combination with craftsmanship and long experience, smoking has become what it is today: an indispensable process in the food industry. For the customer, it is the result that counts. The product must have the right appearance, consistency and taste.

To achieve this means combining craftsmanship with tradition. It’s not just about increasing food shelf-life. The aim of smoking is to influence color, aroma, smell and taste so positively that the consumer is attracted to the product – whether it is meat and sausage or cheese and tofu. Smoking is done to create good taste.

Smoking and cooking systems from VOS Schott GmbH (Butzbach, Germany) can produce smoke from sawdust, wood chips or friction smoke.

A process control system enables the control and reproduction of all work sequences.

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