Continuous piston filler

In the K-Line KK 500, six rotating pistons convey the product from the loading station to the lid discharge. Heinrich Frey - © Heinrich Frey

The K-Line KK 500 from Heinrich Frey (Herbrechtingen, Germany) features an impressive and gentle conveyor. Its rotary piston system reduces smearing to an absolute minimum, according to the manufacturer, even at processing temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius. This makes the KK 500 particularly suitable for semi-permanent and permanent products, convenience food, and ready-to-serve products. The K-Line KK500 achieves a maximum filling capacity of 8,500 kilograms per hour and a filling pressure of up to 25 bar. It handles a maximum of 350 servings per minute.

For sensitive products and goods with lumpy inserts, a patented exchangeable cutting edge ensures clear separation of the product. As a result, the KK 500 achieves high portioning accuracy without bruising.

A discharge adapted to the sausage meat flow (standard 65 mm, optional up to 75 mm in diameter) also contributes to gentle product handling.

The vacuum filler is made in HD design. Its seals are designed in the hygienic color blue and are free of dead space. Users can replace upstream back-up seals themselves. The scrapers in the hopper are made of detectable material and designed to be loss-proof. All surfaces meet the latest hygiene requirements.

Easy disassembly and automatic cleaning ensure low maintenance. The integrated cleaning system in the KK 500 conveying system (Clean-in-Place) is activated via touch and automatically cleans the conveying system with water.