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Container-lid packaging saves sealing film

In the delicatessen sector trays with a resealable lid have become an established feature. They offer consumers secure storage of the opened packaging and the product is protected against early spoilage. These products are often provided with a snap-on cover in addition to the conventional sealing film for hermetic sealing.

Under the motto “From three make two”, Sealpac (Oldenburg, Germany) established a packaging on the market some time ago that has once gained importance in light of the current debate about plastics. EasyLid is the name of the container-lid packaging that Sealpac has developed in collaboration with Naber Plastics B.V. (Netherlands). EasyLid, which is produced using the tray sealing procedure, combines a hermetic seal and tray closure in one step. Trays with a patent-protected perforated lid ring are used for the system. This is hermetically sealed using a conventional sealing film. The sealing process produces a firm bond between the film and the lid ring. When the package is first opened, this forms a resealable lid. This means that the contents are comfortably and reliably stored in the packaging.

By not using the snap-on lid and thus saving an entire process step, EasyLid is more efficient than comparable packaging. This is associated with a whole range of additional benefits: Investment costs are reduced for the user because the lidding system is no longer needed.

The system saves time and considerable space in the production facility, reduces the need for storage capacity, reduces packaging waste and thus contributes to greater sustainability and efficiency in the packaging process. The patented EasyLid system has already been awarded with a number of national and international packaging prizes for its sustainability.

The EasyLid packaging produced by Naber Plastics is made of 100 percent polypropylene (PP) as the polyolefin material demanded by the majority.

This EasyLid packaging is manufactured using injection moulding, creating an appealing, high-quality look using in-mould labelling (IML). The tray and/or the lid are labelled during the manufacturing process itself with a pre-printed label that is integrated during moulding, which can be realised as a printed label alone or as a high-barrier solution. Full integration with the packaging means that the polypropylene label is moisture resistant – a particularly important feature for refrigerated storage of delicatessen products because the label does not detach from the packaging. The use of the same material for the tray, lid and label means that recycling the IML packaging is straightforward.

The EasyLid packaging system can be realised with all A series traysealers from Sealpac. Depending on the application, output of up to 160 packages per minute is reached.

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