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Constant chamber climate

The Aeromat from Vemag Anlagenbau (Verden, Germany) is suitable for various types of thermal treatment. In addition to basic functions such as reddening, drying, smoking, boiling and cooking, the combined system also has optional functions such as cold smoking, baking or cooling.

To guarantee top products with consistent quality in the shortest possible time, constant climatic and flow conditions must be maintained in the chamber. Air is reliably conditioned by the central air treatment unit, which ensures a uniform climate throughout the chamber and prevents the formation of hot and cold spots.

The radial fan circulates air throughout the entire chamber several times per minute at process-adapted intervals, thus always guaranteeing a perfect product. In addition, the exchangeable flap system dynamically circulates the air around the product for greater uniformity. According to the manufacturer, this greatly reduces process times while maintaining the same product color on the entire ­trolley.

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