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Consistent smoking results

Liquid smoke flavorings give meat products their typical taste – without emissions. They are available with different aromas and for a wide range of applications. This article presents liquid smoke product solutions from various manufacturers.

Liquid smoke flavorings offer great potential for the development of novel meat products. They can support the aroma formation of smoked products or even completely replace the smoking process. In addition to their aromatic properties, smoke flavorings often have additional benefits such as bacteriostatic or antioxidant effects. The smoke substances themselves are standardized for constant quality, taste and appearance. In addition to its positive influence on product quality, liquid smoke also offers economic advantages. Compared to the conventional smoking process, liquid smoke is inexpensive. No smoke, tar or ash develops during the process itself. This reduces emissions and minimizes the time and cost required for cleaning and materials.

Liquid smoke is a natural product obtained from various hardwoods such as beech, oak, hickory and mesquite, or even from fruit woods such as apple and cherry. The smoke produced by controlled pyrolysis (smoldering) under controlled conditions is liquefied by condensation with the addition of water. Tars are then filtered out of this natural condensate. Depending on the type of wood used, butchers can create different taste profiles. Smoke aromas are available on an oil or water basis, or as a powder. The smoke aromas are processed by direct addition of spices or marinades via brine application processes, special spraying, dipping and sprinkling processes or via pre-smoked casings.

Since liquid smoke concentrates are largely standardized (though colors and tastes can be specifically adjusted), smoking processes can be optimally controlled and replicated with the same parameters. They always guarantee consistent taste results.

Die Fleischerei presents the following product solutions for smoking with liquid smoke.

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