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Companies pool resources in joint venture

The groups Noordvlees Van Gool (Kalmthout, Belgium) and ­Vanden Avenne (Oevel, Belgium) have formed a joint venture to pool their “slaughtering capacities”. With a combined slaughtering capacity of more than three million pigs per year, the groups are now within reach of achieving European market leadership in the slaughterhouse sector. Thanks to this cooperation, both companies will also be able to further improve their monitoring of the entire production process for pork. A new slaughterhouse with a slaughtering capacity of 40,000 pigs per week will be built in Oevel starting in mid-2014 and operated jointly by the two companies through a new company.

Noordvlees Van Gool not only slaughters and markets pigs but also processes and markets slaughterhouse by-products (red organs). The family-owned company was founded in 1955 and has since developed into one of the leading Belgian slaughterhouses with a total slaughtering capacity of 1,250,000 pigs per year in Kalmthout and a processing capacity of 40,000 t slaughterhouse by-products annually in Lochristi.

Vanden Avenne is specialised in the production of compound feed for pigs, as well as the cutting up of pork and pig carcasses (Bens NV) and the marketing of ham and cold cuts (Bens Retail NV). The company was founded in 1889. Since then, four generations have worked to develop the company into one of the largest of its kind in Belgium, with compound feed factories in Ooigem and Floreffe and a total production of 540,000 t of livestock feed per year.

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