Compact powerhouse

For burger production, the Robot500 is available in conjunction with the Manual Patty Former818 attachment. Vemag - © Vemag

The Robot500 is the world’s best-selling vacuum filler, according to Vemag (Verden, Germany). It precisely portions liquid, pasty, and solid masses to the desired weight thanks to conveying curve technology. Enhancements such as filler-grinder technology, numerous attachments, and simple line integration make it the perfect partner in the SME meat production ­sector.

The demand for formed products such as burger patties is steadily increasing. The Robot500 is the only SME-oriented vacuum filler on the market that connects to an inline grinder, with separator if desired. This quality and unique selling point guarantees the production of first-class shaped products based on ground meat. The end products are convincing in terms of appearance, structure, freshness, color, and color stability.

As a total solution for burger production, Vemag offers the Robot500 in conjunction with the Manual Patty Former818 attachment. With this solution, burger patties can be easily produced in different thicknesses and diameters. This guarantees easy operation and product changeovers from one burger size to another.