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Compact design, high performance

The new battery-driven Scrubtec 337 walk-behind scrubber/dryer made by Bellenberg cleaning specialist Nilfisk-Alto combines a slim design with high-performance cleaning power. With a brush speed of 140 revolutions per minute, pressure of maximal 18 kg and width of 37 cm, the machine frees nearly any hard floor of light to medium soiling. A powerful suction motor (200 Watt) and the patented suction performance with a width of 47 cm guarantee perfect water suction both in forwards and backwards motion. The compact dimensions of 73 cm length x 43.5 cm width x 55 cm height ensure excellent maneuverability and enable efficient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas or corners. Equipped with a 12 V battery, the cleaner guarantees continuous operation for at least 60 minutes and achieves a theoretical surface coverage of 1,480 square meters per hour. Thanks to a noise level of only 64 decibels, the Scrubtec 337 can also be used for daily cleaning in noise-sensitive areas.

The new walk-behind scrubber/dryer is also very user-friendly, according to the manufacturer. With a weight of only 72 kg as well as a fold-away steering bar, the slim device can be conveniently transported and stored. It is also very ergonomic: the user can adjust the handle height to his/her body size. The removable fresh- and wastewater tanks of ten and eleven liters ensure usage times of over 40 minutes. They can be easily filled and emptied due to the large handle. The transparent cover of the wastewater tank also allows the user to easily monitor the actual water level. Both the brush as well as the oil-resistant polyurethane suction bar can be removed or exchanged without tools.

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