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Clever humidity management

Neff (Munich, Germany) is now presenting its Slide&Hide built-in oven with the VarioSteam humidity management system, which is designed to make the preparation of foods even easier and more successful. Do you want light crumb cakes, foods with a bite, or do you prefer soft, juicy structures or crispy crusts, browned tops or only lightly colored? VarioSteam actively influences the results by introducing the right degree of humidity into the inside of the oven. Baked goods rise and end up with a shiny, appetizing surface – just like in the bakery. Meat, according to the manufacturer, also becomes particularly juicy and tender, especially lean poultry and fish. One special tip is the reheating option: meals from the previous day can be given a “facelift” – optically as well as in regard to taste.

It’s easy to operate the VarioSteam system. After filling it with water, one of three possible humidity intensity levels is selected by pressing a button on the display. If the cook decides to use more or less steam during the cooking process, the setting can be changed at the drop of a hat.

The VarioSteam humidity management system makes cooking much more versatile; depending on the model, ten or thirteen operating methods are offered. Hot-air, upper/lower heat, thermo-grill, pizza level, simmering process or bread-baking can be done with or without added humidity. Also available are cooking methods such as grilling or gentle cooking. Integrated automatic programs independently assume all roasting, baking or simmering processes – including adding humidity.

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