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Many robust machines are available for cutting fresh or frozen meat. Even at high cutting speeds, these devices guarantee clear, excellently defined slices. In this article, Die Fleischerei presents a variety of the most current cutting machines and frozen meat cutters and their features.

When cutting fresh or frozen meats, both artisanal and industrial meat producers use machines to cut the material into chunks, strips or pieces. Manual, semiautomatic as well as completely automatic machines are available. In addition to robust technology, clear cut, simple operation and weight accuracy, cutting performance is a decisive selection criterion. Before deciding on a model, you should analyze your needs: what amounts of which products - fresh or frozen - must be processed?

The temperature range in which this material will be cut also plays an important role. Frozen meat cutters can cut meats within a range of only a few degrees minus all the way down to -30 °C. Make sure that cutting speeds used when working with pressed or frozen meat can be varied. In this regard, the greater the range, the better.

Especially when cutting frozen products, machines must withstand enormous forces, which may lead to great noise emission and in any case require strong knives and breaker teeth. Machines should thus feature robust construction and guarantee high wear-resistance as well as a long service life. In addition, the massive stainless steel machines should be easy to clean. An easy-to-reach cutting area is the best requirement for this. Overall, when constructing their machines, manufacturers are careful to ensure that their models comply with the highest HACCP hygiene requirements. Rounded edges also prevent the risk of injury.

Smaller machines rely on manual infeed; larger setups usually use automatic conveyor magazines or block elevators. The feed worms of some machines are equipped with special breaker or conveyor paddles as well as spiral conveyors in order to perfectly process various kinds of raw materials. Hydraulic pressing equipment safely guides frozen meat blocks into the feed worms, thus guaranteeing constant throughput. Make sure that feed worm speeds are infinitely variable because this ensures optimal control of the amount of material you need to process.

Highly modern cutting machines recognize product consistency and adjust the feed rate as necessary as well as the cutting blade speed in the case of very cold wares. This prevents damage to the gate blade. Sometimes, cutting machines are equipped with pressing systems that powerfully compress meat. The result is a clean cut, an attractively sliced product and high productivity. Cutting machines with integrated scales also ensure precisely portioned, weight-dependent cuts.

One important point when selecting a machine suited to your needs is ensuring production continuity. This means, for example, that the cutting machine should be compatible with other devices in your production line. In addition, most manufacturers offer individual solutions for special cutting goods or special operational requirements.

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