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Cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing

In addition to numerous devices for cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing, Bastra’s (Arnsberg, Germany) current hygiene technology products also include hygiene sluices with components for hand and sole disinfection or shoe and boot cleaning. The KHS compact hygiene sluice has a disinfection pan for soles as well as a disinfectant dispenser for the hands in order to guarantee hygienic entrance. The electronically controlled turnstile only enables entry after completion of hand and sole disinfection. The sole-cleaning module in the exit zone has two horizontally spinning brushes. Here as well, photocells ensure automatic detection when someone enters the sluice. A hydraulic door controls the exit via an electromagnetic closure system. The sluice can only be passed through in the prescribed direction. If the disinfectant or cleaning solutions run low, the entrance or exit is blocked. The Bastra hygiene technology program also includes washers that can clean E1 to E3 Euro-boxes. Depending on their construction and degree of soiling, 100 boxes per hour can be cleaned when fed manually. When an automatic chain feed is used, up to 500 boxes per hour can be transported through the washing facility.

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