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Cleaner lift truck wheels

Most recently, hygiene has also become increasingly important in the internal company logistics of conveying packaged or unpackaged foods. After all, when transport, lift and shelf trolleys or forklifts are used, their wheels or rollers can especially be hygienic weak links because as a rule, they are not - or only inadequately - cleaned after moving from unclean to clean areas. They thus present high contamination risks. To effectively counteract this problem, Kohlhoff Hygienetechnik GmbH (Unna, Germany) has developed a wheel cleaning machine that can be used in all places where it is important to clean or disinfect the rollers or wheels of such lift trucks or trolleys: in the food industry, canteens, food service institutions, catering or similar situations.

Foreseen for installation in the floor, the system has four horizontally rotating brushes below a massive stainless steel grate. The brushes have a length of either 700 mm or 1,100 mm. To prevent wheels from getting stuck or wedged in when they roll over the brushes, the stainless steel grate is set diagonally, i.e. at a 45 degree angle to the direction of movement. Sensors at the entry and exit points automatically activate the brush rotation. The brushes are sprayed with a mixture of water and cleaning agent and then thoroughly clean the wheels and rollers.

Two side railings ensure a secure position as well as forced guidance. This means that the system can simultaneously be used to clean the shoe soles of personnel. Combined with various entry control devices and door-opening systems, this system can be used to fulfill various technical hygiene requirements. Because it develops and produces its products itself, Kohlhoff also offers special customer-specific systems.

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