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Clean from arrival to sale

Hygiene is the top priority for producing high-quality food that is safe for humans and animals. High-tech equipment for daily cleaning, disinfection and sterilization helps achieve perfect cleanliness from delivery to cutting, from production to sale.

The EU hygiene laws, obligatory HACCP concepts, and regular monitoring by the food supervisory authorities have brought hygiene for butchers into focus – and through the corona crisis, also into the public eye. In the interests of consumer protection, each stage of a company’s production chain is under strict official regulation and must be protected from dangerous microorganisms such as germs and bacteria.

Such systems are complex. Employees must disinfect their hands and clean their boots at hygiene sluices before entering the production area; the rollers of transport trolleys must also be cleaned. Contactless wash basins and disinfectant dispensers for social and customer area complement this. Special UVC disinfection equipment can be used to keep ripening rooms and conveyor belts clean of mold or yeast spores, and ozone can be used to purify the water for ice makers. Chemical-free steam cleaners can be used to regularly clean cutting rooms, sausage kitchens, shops and counters, as can modern wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Business owners should consider the number of employees and production/sales area when choosing cleaning equipment, as well as its size and performance characteristics.

In the following article, Die ­Fleischerei presents several innovative solutions that help businesses meet hygiene standards.

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