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Clean cuts in no time

High cutting capacity, gentle processing and clean cuts are essential criteria when investing in new grinding and mixing equipment. This article provides information on current machines and their features.

Grinding and mixing are basic, quality-defining processing steps when making meat and sausage products. Gentle, efficient processing is indispensable because as a raw material, meat is very sensitive. Exerting too much mechanical pressure on the meat can destroy its structure. Careful, gentle handling of the raw material is vital for obtaining a clean cut when grinding. Clean cuts are also the prerequisite for a uniform grain and for high-quality sausage mixtures. Both grinding and mixing must take place rapidly to obtain the desired product structure and bond as well as to prevent the escape of moisture and fat.

In recent years, demands on such machines have become increasingly diverse. Grinders must not only grind conventionally but also cope with even lower temperatures while still maintaining a product’s structure. They must provide high performance fast as well as comply with current safety requirements and hygiene standards – all of this under the aspect of lower operational and maintenance costs.

When investing in new grinding and mixing systems, clean cuts with high cutting performance, short processing times, simple operation, easy cleaning and ergonomic operation are decisive.

The diverse range of meat and sausage products requires high flexibility from machines – starting with grinding and mixing. Universal grinders can effortlessly grind both fresh meat and frozen meat blocks. Machines that both grind and mix additionally shorten the production process by eliminating the need for external premixing. Machines are also available that directly integrate grinding and separating into the filling and portioning processes.

Mixers must also be able to handle various raw materials and intensively mix or gently emulsify them. Some machines are so flexible that they can mix meat, fish or deli salads as well as raw sausage, boiled sausage, meatballs and kebab – and even marinate and season foods.

In the following article, Die Flei­scherei presents machines for grinding and mixing – from industrial systems to small grinders for use at the service counter.

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