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Casings with added value

The shirred high-barrier Sun Flavor CAS X casings newly introduced by SPM Sun Products Vertriebs GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany) give products a subtle fried note and help brown the product surface. During development of these clean-label casings, the manufacturer completely did without E-numbers. Some variants, such as X190 or X200, are already available.

Sun Smoke CAS casings with CleanSmoke Depot transfer smoke flavor and color in one step, giving products a longer shelf life without weight or flavor loss. The casings are available in different forms: shirred, on rolls or flat. Products can be stored and transported in high-barrier casings, making secondary packaging unnecessary. The new type S065 is now available. In the spice casing sector, SPM Karlsruhe now offers Sun Spice casings as flat films with a rough decor thanks to a new packaging process. The coating of a standard product, for example with pumpkin seeds, coarsely ground pepper, whole mustard seeds or even orange peel, extends a butcher’s product assortment with attractive variations.

Sun Flavor Gourmet shirred spice casings have proven themselves many times over. They feature natural herbs and spices and contain no aromas or fillers. Producers can also use them to easily and safely create uniformly decorated product casings for automated filling and clipping lines.

Sun Flavor Gourmet Grill Casings help give products a grilled look; as with all Gourmet Casings, only spices must be declared in the list of ingredients.

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