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Braking system protects fingers

With a cutting height from between 235 mm to 505 mm, bandsaws manufactured by Mado (Dornhan, Germany) offer the right cutting height for every application. All models have an electronic motor brake, a portioning device with fine adjustment, magnetic door switch, precise band guide, quick-clamping device, pressure device, and a height-adjustable saw blade cover.

Since IFFA 2019, the company has offered its new bandsaw Finger Protection System (FPS). The in-house development is supported by an image processing system that represented by a blue glove, for example. As soon as the integrated brake system receives a signal pulse, the saw blade is braked. After braking, the machine can be restarted as usual. The saw blade does not have to be replaced even after repeated braking. The FPS system is already available for the MKB 751 and MKB 752 models; it will probably be available for the MKB 753 and MKB 754 models by the end of the year.

Simple, hygienic cleaning and stainless-steel construction including of wheels are a matter of course. Due to a wide range of optional equipment, the bandsaws can easily be customized.

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