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Because hygiene sets the standards

The Corona crisis proved that for meat processing companies, compliance with the strict EU hygiene regulations must be the highest standard. To ensure “Food Safety”, companies have a duty to official inspectors and customers – by maintaining perfect cleaning, disinfection, and pest control.

Complex food safety specifications cover the entire production cycle. To prevent the spread of bacteria, pathogenic germs, or viruses, for example, sausage production areas can only accessed after passing through a hygiene sluice with a boot washing system. Clean work clothes and gloves prevent cross-contamination; grinders and fillers must be cleaned daily, and regular checks for cockroaches, rodents, and other vermin are stipulated for stores and company premises in addition to cleaning services.

State-of-the-art technology supports plants in this, such as “hygienic-design” stainless-steel meat processing machines that make it more difficult for dirt and microorganisms to adhere to surfaces, and which facilitate cleaning. High- and low-pressure cleaning equipment and contactless disinfection and washing systems also aid in cleaning personnel rooms.

Environmentally friendly surface disinfection can be carried out by fogging devices or steam suction systems; air can be cleaned with UV light systems. From suction sweepers, foam and cart cleaners to rinsing equipment, partitioning and drainage systems, business owners must provide comprehensive hygiene while minimizing detergent and energy use as well as that of chemical pollutants.

This Die Fleischerei article showcases equipment and systems from various suppliers that can help implement operational HACCP measures.

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