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Automatic pan cleaning

As a specialist for professional cooking technology, MKN (Wolfenbüttel, Germany) also offers multifunctional equipment. Both the proven HansDampf combi-oven technology as well as the new multifunctional FlexiChef high-performance class can be used in any professional kitchen.

Multifunctional combi-steamers can be used for cooking, steaming, hot-air steaming, combi-steaming and regenerating. With the HansDampf, users have a choice between manual operation and automatic cooking with pre-programmed programs. No matter which variant is chosen, the right setting can always be rapidly and reliably found, according to the manufacturer. With its FlexiRack, the HansDampf also has an innovative cooking chamber concept, according to the company, which results in added efficiency and capacity. This enables more to be produced in the same time, which saves energy and working time.

In regard to time and cost management, the new FlexiChef optimizes entire cooking workflows with its unique customer benefit, according to the manufacturer. Cooks can choose between nine different manual cooking methods ranging from pressure cooking to boiling, roasting and frying to regenerating. The autoChef, on the other hand, stores all processes in ten different cooking categories, where they can also be individually changed. A particular highlight of the FlexiChef is its automatic cleaning process for pans - the first of its type. Thanks to SpaceClean, annoying in-between cleaning is child’s play: pans are clean and ready to use again in only two minutes - without chemicals.

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