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As hygienic as stainless steel

Stainless steel surfaces are the norm wherever meat is processed. A Ucrete polyurethane cement surface makes floors just as hygienic as well as easy to clean and disinfect. The Ucrete surface protection system made by BASF Bautechnik GmbH (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) prevents germ formation, as tests by independent testing institutes have proven.

Two factors are essential for the contamination of floors by germs and bacteria. To survive floor cleaning and disinfection, the pathogens require microscopic pores or niches in the flooring where they can hide. They also need a damp environment to grow. This shows that the surface structure of the floor, its water runoff and drying behavior and how it takes up water are major factors in ensuring hygienic conditions in meat-processing companies.

Ucrete polyurethane flooring made by BASF Bautechnik GmbH convinces in all the above features. The Potsdam test institute Biotecon Diagnostics investigated the disinfectant properties and germination situation of Ucrete and found that it significantly reduces the number of these pathogens. In contrast, the Realien GmbH engineering office (Neckartailfingen, Germany) examined the water runoff and drying properties of Ucrete as well as its water absorbency. Its test results showed that Ucrete is highly suitable for use in wet areas that require good hygiene because it doesn’t absorb water and is completely dry after only three hours. According to the manufacturer, the economic advantage of such short drying times is the minimized energy needs for drying, which thus reduce operating costs. Last but not least, Ucrete polyurethane cement fulfills all requirements of food hygiene ordinance 852.

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