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As artful as a mosaic

Whether savoury with meat or fish or as a vegetable version, aspics are captivating thanks to their flavours and visual variety. For the aware consumer, Frutarom Savory Solutions (Salzburg, Austria) also has gelatines in its range that do not require allergenic ingredients subject to labelling or contain flavour enhancing additives.

The Wiberg and Ge­würzmüller edible gelatines are based exclusively on pork or beef. The quality criterion for gelatine products is their gelling power. The following standard method is used to determine the gelling power: The bloom value is used to describe the firmness of the gel structure that edible gelatine can form. Depending on the application and the desired firmness, gelatines with a bloom value of 60 to 280 are used. The edible gelatines from the Frutarom brands Wiberg and Gewürzmüller have a bloom value from 120 to 260, which enables the aspic to be easily cut. Regardless of the firmness value, the gelatines can also be used with or without seasoning. For those who like it spicy with a delicate hint of garlic, the company recommends Aspita R260 from Wiberg.

Along with edible gelatines, Frutarom also offers tasty ingredients to add to aspics: green olives with pepper paste, premium shelled pistachios, finely diced red peppers or diced pickles give aspics an individual touch.

For appetising presentation in the delicatessen, sausage casings that are especially designed for gelatine products are used, such as the Wiberg WI-Steril synthetic casing, a non-shrinking, stable sterile casing.

To increase the variety of appearance and flavour, the Frutarom consultants have the following tips:

  • For a colourful surprise, stain the gelatine with vegetable or fruit juices. Tomato or redcurrant juice are ideally suited for this.
  • Adding herbs and spices to the gelatine creates new flavour variations while alternatively clear broths can be incorporated into the creations.
  • Different shapes (triangles, hearts) create visual diversity in the aspic delicatessen.
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