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Always the right mix

Charging systems enable precise weighing and mixing of ingredients and thus ensure uniform quality for sausages or ready meals. EAP Lachnit (Elchingen, Germany) offers such systems for assembling recipes that are suitable for mixing a range of products from several large containers as well as precisely combining ingredients according to specifications. They satisfy Food Safety Ordinance (LMHV) and European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) requirements and are more hygienic than separate tip systems according to the manufacturer.

The systems are fitted with a conveyor belt to transport ingredients or a charging trolley to transport goods as well as several tip stations with a capacity of up to 1,000 kg and a weighing facility. This is integrated into the conveyor belt or a trolley. The products are precisely weighed and recorded, which ensures batch traceability.

EAP Lachnit uses high-quality components such as scales from a leading supplier that also have recipe control. These carry out important tasks such as retrieving and storing production orders or tracing individual ingredients. Data about the precise consumption quantities are also stored.

Directions that guide employees through the production process can be stored for simple operation. Operator presence detection switches the system off automatically in hazardous situations. The production can be controlled and monitored using standard interfaces or wirelessly.

The surfaces of the system are entirely of glass bead blasted stainless steel, enabling thorough wet cleaning while the housings are waterproof and are designed to meet protection class IP 66. Special belts are used for transport in food production. The charging systems are also optionally supplied in a clean room design with electropolished surfaces.

Because several products are often manufactured in food production, EAP Lachnit has equipped its systems for different containers. Both the container size and the material can be varied. The individual stations are fitted out with tipping machines that enable stepless adjustment of the containers.

After processing the specified recipe, the entire batch is sent to the issuing point by a conveyor belt or mobile scales with a loading trolley.

The manufacturer also provides an optional automatic charging system that reduces the deployment of staff and thus saves costs. The fully automatic loading is carried out using hoppers and dosing screws that are equipped with weighing cells. Ingredients are then emptied automatically into a hopper, transported by a conveyor screw and weighed.

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