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Alternative to classical disinfectants

In practice, typical chemical hygiene solutions are often subject to application-related and regulatory limits. The main advantage of alternative hygiene technologies over classical disinfectants is their declaration-free application, human-toxicological harmlessness, BIO-conformity, and good material compatibility.

According to its own statements, Pro Pure (Bremen, Germany) is a leader in the development of alternative hygiene technologies with the active ingredient “food protect”. As a no-touch disinfectant, this active ingredient is automatically distributed throughout a room via robust two-substance nozzle technology or ultrasonic nebulization. This reliably disinfects the air as well as all hygiene-critical points like surfaces that are in contact with the product, fixtures, cable ducts, and circulating air coolers.

Its ecological composition allows the active ingredient to be used for permanent germ reduction even during production. The alternative hygiene technology also reduces the load of disinfectants in wastewater or the formation of moisture loads.

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