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“Airbag” for the operator

Daily work with bone and meat saws in food processing plants involve an acute risk of accidents due to circular saws. Previous touch sensors have not always reacted quickly enough to protect employees from serious injuries in the event of incorrect operation. Reich (Remshalden, Germany) has thus developed the QS-System (Quick Stop) for its Profi 400, Industry 500 and Mammut 800 band saws.

The quick stop system of the upper pulley and brake unit is coupled to a color camera with 700-800 fps that stops the saw much faster. By decoupling the saw blade from the drive and deflection roller as well as from the motor, only the saw blade needs to be stopped.

This not only guarantees operational safety, but according to the manufacturer, the low-maintenance band saws show little wear on the components and brake units over thousands of braking cycles.

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