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Air hygiene without the use of chemicals

Bäro Clean Air Technologies (Leichlingen, Germany) offers environmentally friendly solutions for preparing fresh food and meals with reduced formation of smoke and odours.

When preparing foods, systems with UVC technology reduce the levels of microorganisms in the air and on surfaces – ensuring greater safety in production and a longer shelf life. The KitTech product with UVC/ozone technology for grease reduction in extraction hoods or the PlasmaStream technology for odour minimisation in ventilation systems increases creative freedom when preparing fresh meals in sales areas. The new Cumulus technology is an effective means to prevent blue smoke.

Wood coal or lava rock barbecues are all the rage as a preparation technique but the high temperatures together with dripping fat inevitably lead to the air being laden with fumes and smoke. Bäro Clean Air Technologies now comes to the rescue. The innovative Cumulus smoke gas washer removes soot particles in the exhaust air system using a spray mist process – an environmentally friendly process with no chemicals. As well as controlling blue smoke, the Cumulus also effectively contributes to fire protection.

Gastronomic products with open cooking areas are popular – with butchers as well. Anywhere where fresh snacks and meals are prepared in a limited space, Clean Air systems make an appearance. Bäro recommends its KitTech and PlasmaStream technologies in these cases. KitTech is a compact, effective UVC/ozone cleaning system that meets all the requirements of modern exhaust air processes and can be integrated into new or existing exhaust air systems with minimal effort.

The exhaust air that is produced when preparing meals negatively impacts not only the immediate surroundings but also the environment and endangers the health of humans because of the pollutants it contains. When part of a kitchen exhaust air system, the PlasmaStream technology ensures that odours are efficiently minimised and grease is removed. And it does so without chemical additives, utilising a purely chemical and physical principle with four functional steps.

The antimicrobial action of the UVC irradiation can be used for environmentally friendly disinfection of air, surfaces and water. The heart of the Bäro UVC systems is the compact UVC low-pressure lamp that ensures efficient and effective reduction of microorganisms even in the smallest of spaces – with a long service life of about 9,000 hours. The products range from UVC compact lamps to air and surface sterilisation using compact floor models to entire modules for integration into ventilation systems.

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