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Advantages of lower pressure

Production facilities must be reliably and efficiently cleaned. A look at the corona virus makes this clearer than ever. Knowing that viruses can settle on almost all materials and thus be infectious, systematic care is required. Modern low-pressure cleaning systems can make a safe and reliable contribution. Mohn (Meinerzhagen, Germany) offers a wide range of stationary and mobile components for use depending on the requirement profile.

Low-pressure cleaning systems have several advantages over high-pressure ones. Uniform dosage of the cleaning agent and pressure are noticeable when applying the foam. Thanks to a specially developed technology, the foam remains stable longer and the effect remains constant during application. Foam residues can then be completely rinsed off. According to the manufacturer, aerosols are produced in only small quantities, which prevents the distribution of dirt or microorganisms. Compared to high-pressure systems, there is a negligible risk of damaging any electronics or wall tiles during cleaning. Pump maintenance is simple and saves time. The design and application of the robust technology requires little explanation. Quick exchanges of consumables and rapid deliveries of spare parts are guaranteed, if necessary.

In addition to stationary systems, Mohn also offers mobile cleaning devices constructed according to the Ecolab Typhoon low-pressure principle. This model has a built-in booster pump. The system is equipped with a compressor.

For applications requiring only five to ten bar, another easy-to-use version is available.

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