Accurate, versatile, hygienic

The lifting and tilting device fills the hoppers cleanly and saves energy. Düker-Rex - © Düker-Rex

The vacuum filling machines from Düker-Rex (Laufach, Germany) with the RVF 400, RVF 700, and RVF 900 series and a filling capacity from 2,000 up to 13,000 kilograms, are made for the requirements of medium and large meat processing companies.

The manufacturer guarantees precise portioning accuracy, easy product changes, versatile options combined with diverse clippers and attachments, as well as high hygiene standards and easy cleaning.

The conveyors allow exact portioning with maximum run-time coupled with gentle transport of the filling masses. This is done without bruising, pressing, or tearing, even with larger browned inserts or pieces of meat. The rotors are available in eight-, twelve- or 14-slider versions, with the 14-slider version optionally available with seven blind slides.

The standard touchscreen simplifies the operation and control of various clipping machines and attachments. Thanks to the lifting and tilting device, the 250-liter or 350-liter hoppers (160-liter hopper for the RVF 400), can be filled easily and cleanly.

The RVF 700 and RVF 900 series are large enough to accommodate a drive unit for the Rex filler-grinder thanks to the large machine housing. The main drive is constructed in reinforced design and has a filling pressure of up to 70 bar. This offers good performance with exceptionally accurate portioning, especially in combination with the filler-grinder and the ground meat line.