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A quantum for more yield

Innovative cutting tools help meat processing companies multiply their yield and thus their margins. At the IFFA 2019, Bettcher showed how to do this with its new Quantum Skinners and Trimmers.

Bettcher Industries, Inc., headquartered in Ohio/USA, celebrated its 75th anniversary at the IFFA 2019. In Europe, the company is represented by Bettcher GmbH, which serves more and more direct sales markets from its Swiss location in Dierikon. At the industry’s leading trade fair in Frankfurt, the company presented further developments of its derinding and skinning product lines.

The new cutting tools are designed to increase profits by simplifying production line work, making it cleaner, more ergonomic and thus better. The desired result is higher meat yields for processing plants and significantly more earnings in this fiercely competitive market.

Lighter and stronger

The new Quantum Flex can be operated with any Bettcher motor. The further developed trimmer is even lighter and more ergonomic than before. Its patented blade locking system keeps the blade in the same position at all times, for easier handling. Reduced vibration allows more comfortable operation as well as less wear on the knife and knife frame. Further technical adaptations intensify the cutting force and speed. The new Quantum Flex promises significantly higher meat yields and rapidly amortizes itself.

Derinding in no time

Bettcher introduced the Quantum Skinner in Europe in 2018. As the first electrically operated manual derinder, it clearly stands out from the normally pneumatically driven devices. According to the manufacturer, its motor is powerful as well as quiet. Its lower weight is a big plus. At the IFFA, Bettcher presented a technically optimized upgrade with more torque and more power that makes derinding even easier.

For even more flexibility, both the Quantum Skinner and the Quantum Flex Trimmer can be used with the new drive. Changing from the skinner to the trimmer only requires another handpiece. This saves production time and reduces energy consumption by up to 90 percent compared to compressed-air-powered devices, according to the manufacturer.

Globally active

Bettcher cutting tools are developed and produced at its headquarters in Birmingham, Ohio. Purchasing takes place there as well. New developments are tested under real operating conditions in the BIC Bettcher Innovation Center to ensure that only mature tools come to market. The company has other locations in China and Brazil; its European location is in Switzerland. It serves its European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets from the latter location. In some cases, local distributors – with whom some the company has partnered for decades – handle sales. These days, however, if a partner withdraws, Bettcher is deciding more and more for direct sales.

The heart of the company’s sales concept is its so-called Bettcher experts – practical consultants and master butchers who know the characteristics of the local markets, including country-specific applications and cutting processes. The proximity to the customer simplifies on-site support, including free training for new employees who handle the tools on the processing lines. Bettcher has greatly expanded its capacities to achieve fast response times and rapid delivery of spare parts.

Portfolio for the future

The switch to direct sales in various markets has helped the company grow. Bettcher is certain that the introduction of innovative new products has been successful and that the high investments in improved service will also pay off.

With a focus on expansion, the company wants to add suitable new applications to its range of services. Its US subsidiary Gainco (Gainsville/Georgia) has recently launched YieldScan, an innovative scanner that allows the precise control of yield in the poultry industry.

YieldScan monitors poultry carcasses in real-time, analyzing the amount of meat remaining on them. If too much meat is left unused, corrections can be immediately initiated. This application complements Bettcher’s portfolio because the poultry industry also uses the specialist’s innovative knives.

Thus, the company sees itself well positioned for current and future challenges and is looking to the future with confidence.

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