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Time for innovations

Covid has not shut down the need for new and more efficient technical equipment. On the contrary. The demands on machinery for processing, packaging, and marketing meat and meat products are greater than ever. And this obviously makes the need for innovations that improve processes and increase product quality as in demand as ever. It mehr


Container-lid packaging saves sealing film

In the delicatessen sector trays with a resealable lid have become an established feature. They offer consumers secure storage of the opened packaging and the product is protected against early spoilage. These products are often provided with a snap-on cover in addition to the conventional sealing film for hermetic sealing. Under the mehr

Clean from arrival to sale

Hygiene is the top priority for producing high-quality food that is safe for humans and animals. High-tech equipment for daily cleaning, disinfection and sterilization helps achieve perfect cleanliness from delivery to cutting, from production to sale. mehr

Perfect hygiene convinces

Not only in times of corona: For meat-processing companies, compliance with the strict EU hygiene regulations is more than just a tiresome obligation – perfect cleaning, disinfection or even pest control are virtually their calling card. For inspectors and customers, food safety is king. mehr

Deliciously seasoned and marinated

Good meat is always the basis of a fine product, but only professional processing and fine seasonings make it something special. Whether as an addition to sausage meat, a marinade or as a sauce for a hearty plate of grilled meat – the range of seasonings in modern butcher shops cover all stages of production and enjoyment. mehr

More than just packaging

Constructed of various materials, all with differing properties, artificial casings have become indispensable in the meat products industry. And furnished with various additional benefits, they simplify sausage production. mehr

Consistent smoking results

Liquid smoke flavorings give meat products their typical taste – without emissions. They are available with different aromas and for a wide range of applications. This article presents liquid smoke product solutions from various manufacturers. mehr

Helped by time and smoke

Traditional smoking is one of the oldest methods of preserving meat products. But time does not stand still. The industrial ripening of raw products is now complemented by technologies that – in addition to drying – also enable reddening, scalding, cooking, baking or boiling in the same appliance. mehr

Sharp & fast is best

Whether needed to cube large quantities of fresh bacon, chop frozen meat blocks, or finely grate vegetables and fruit – cutting machines in the meat and food processing industries must be all-rounders Capacity and flexibility are key. mehr

Optimally packaged fine ham

Henning Basedahl’s business card simply states “Schinkenhöker” as his profession – which means “small dealer” in Plattdeutsch dialect. His ham factory, however, is not small, and produces 20,000 top-quality hams annually. mehr

Safety till the end

An increasingly important topic in the meat industry is the strict EU packaging hygiene regulations. These go along with the high demands by customers for easy processing and long product shelf lives. Ideally, modern packaging solutions also facilitate legally compliant product labeling. mehr

Innovations for packaging

The demands on packaging machines and materials used for meats and other foods are constantly increasing. Above all, solutions must meat market requirements. But the desire for environmentally and climate-friendly solutions is likewise increasing. The latter are demanded by legislators, commerce, and last but not least, consumers. mehr

Safety has top priority

In times of corona, Danish consumers also feel an increased need for safety. This topic is also especially important to them when they buy and consume food, as a current study shows. They are also willing to change their behavior to protect the climate and the environment. mehr

High-tech for small batches

Bowl cutters are part of a butcher’s basic equipment. They ensure good emulsions and great sausage quality. But modern cutters for smaller producers have long been able to do more than just cut and mix. With their optimized hygienic construction design, they are easily comparable to high-tech industrial equipment. mehr

Quality without compromise

The Landmetzgerei Fauser und Gölz in the Swabian town of Zell under Aichelberg is a small-scale family business with a long tradition. Benny and Sabrina Gölz are the fourth generation of the family to manage the company – founded in 1938 – with love and passion. They’re right on course for expansion. mehr

Professionally packed

Meat and sausage products produced on an industrial scale often have long transport routes to the consumer. Its packaging must therefore meet the highest durability and hygiene standards. Professional machine technology helps at all points – from filling and stabilization to sealing and closure. mehr

Make it mouth-watering

“Vegetarian” has always existed. Until now, this trend has appeared in waves and ebbed away again. Now, this trend has established itself as a conventional form of nutrition. mehr

Business card for cups and cans

From allergens to filling quantity to sales description – anyone offering pre-packaged goods or canned food must label them with comprehensive information. Labels and printers are therefore a must in the butcher’s store, but they also open up many opportunities to impress customers with their high-tech features. mehr

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