Ausgabe Sonderheft: International 1/2019

Clean production lines

Proper hygiene is essential in meat processing companies. A wide range of cleaning equipment is available to keep work equipment absolutely clean, including containers, knives or utensils as well as professional clothing such as aprons and boots. This article presents a number of such cleaning systems. mehr

Always clean

Especially in meat-processing companies, cleanliness is an important quality feature. To ensure the necessary hygiene at all times, there are many professional systems and facilities as well as cleaning methods and agents – here, we present an overview of these offers. mehr

Consistently clean cut

When investing in a new cutting machine, decisive purchasing criteria include great precision, top performance and a high degree of automation. Precision and speed are also essential for bone saws. This contribution presents machines and their performance characteristics. mehr

Achieving the typical aroma

Liquid smoke holds great potential for the development of innovative meat products. Created from purified smoke condensates, liquid smoke preparations are available in many flavors and for diverse applications. This contribution presents products and systems for using this technology. mehr

Smoking and ripening raw meats

Consumer enthusiasm for the unique taste of smoked and ripened meats and sausages has always been a given. The longer shelf life of these products also makes them classic top sellers. Die Fleischerei presents technical solutions for smoking and ripening. mehr

Gaining customer confidence

Correctly labeled foods engender safety and transparency in the process chain and thus, consumer trust. This article presents technical solutions and materials for labeling and printing. mehr

Locked-in freshness

When packaging meat and sausage products, skin packaging that surrounds food like a second skin is highly popular. It not only extends shelf life, but also ensures the attractiveness of the packaged products. Now there is a solution that requires significantly less plastic. mehr

Always fresh

According to the motto “you eat where you are”, our flexible, modern, on-the-go lifestyle is no longer imaginable without modern snack and take-out concepts. The extended shelf life of foods plays an important role. Appetizing packaging that signals freshness is key. We provide the technology for this. mehr

Food safety a major factor

A maximum level of food safety is crucial for many buyers of pork products. The Danish pork sector offers customers a great deal in this area. Thanks to its high standards, the industry recently sealed a promising agreement with China. mehr

Leading trade fair

From May 4–9, 2019, the IFFA will once again open its gates and transform Frankfurt am Main into the center of the international meat industry. The world’s leading trade fair for the meat industry covers the information needs of the industry for the entire process chain associated with this valuable product. mehr

Efficient vacuum supply

Suttero Bazenheid is one of Switzerland’s most modern meat processing centers. The production site belonging to Ernst Sutter AG cuts beef, calf and pig carcasses or further processes it for wholesale and retail dealers. mehr

Everything in the one automatic machine

The automatic clipping/hanging FCHL 160 machine from Poly-clip System (Hattersheim am Main, Germany) combines four production processes in a single machine. According to information from the manufacturer, this results in savings to personnel costs of up to 37 percent and increases the throughput by up to 25 percent. The automatic clipping/hanging mehr

Tracking down foreign bodies

Eagle Product Inspection (Lutz/US) presents a new series of premium X-ray inspection systems for examining packaged food. The company also has other systems for specific applications such as the RMI 400 for foreign-body detection in poultry and meat products or the Tall PRO XSDV for inspecting tall rigid containers. The new X-ray inspection mehr

High detection sensitivity

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection (Gießen, Germany) presents the X34 X-ray inspection system. Thanks to the high detection sensitivity of the device, food manufacturers are able to quickly and reliably detect even very small contaminants such as metal, glass, high- density plastics, mineral stones, calcified bones and bone splinters mehr

Extra mature, creamy flavour

Vandersterre (Bodegraven, Netherlands) presents the new cheese Landana Jersey Gouda OLD, which will be available from mid-April. This cheese is produced from all-natural full-cream Jersey milk using traditional techniques. The natural maturation of Landana Jersey Gouda OLD on wooden boards takes at least one year. This lends the cheese mehr

German-American quality testing with active participation

The second German-American quality testing for artisanal meat products, which took place in the run-up to the IFFA in Madison, the capital of the US state of Wisconsin, was a success. More than 460 sausages, hams and other meat products from member businesses of the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) were tested and on the mehr

Score with packaged goods

Butchers can differentiate themselves against self-service offers in supermarkets by offering fresh high-quality packaged meat and sausage products – or even convenience foods – themselves, together with individual packaging. mehr

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