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Not just clean, but immaculate

Clean work clothing and tools are a must for ensuring the food quality and safety. Compliance with strict hygiene regulations is a requirement for butchers. Efficient machines and procedures can aid them greatly. mehr

Only clean is not good enough

For food safety, strict compliance with personal hygiene measures is just as essential as operational and machine hygiene. This article presents professional solutions as well as cleaning methods and agents that help fulfill demanding hygiene standards. mehr

Firm grip on logistics

Great time and costs can be saved in the warehouse and logistics area – more than in practically any other part of a business. This article presents machine concepts and product solutions for improving workflows. mehr

One cutter for everything

With a broad product range and large production volumes, it is a challenge to ensure the consistently high quality. Gerold Gutekunst, Production Manager and Purchaser for Meister feines Fleisch – feine Wurst GmbH, relies among other things on the versatile K 754 vacuum cooking cutter from Seydelmann. In this Fleischereifield test, he discusses his experiences with the cutter. mehr

Ham festival in Parma

When gourmets think about Parma, they lick their lips in anticipation. It’s no wonder, because in addition to tomatoes, cheese and ham is what draws gourmets here – especially in September, when the northern Italian town holds its annual ham festival. mehr

Needles enhance meat

Cured meat and sausage products are highly popular with consumers due to their characteristic taste. Modern technology allows curing and tumbling processes to be standardized. Read here about technical solutions and products that support the creation of raw and cooked cured products. mehr

Adding value to wares

Product labeling is subject to increasingly stringent national and international compliance information. Squeezing this all into a small space is not always easy. Companies that accomplish this and use their labels as marketing tools are assured of success. mehr

Every detail considered

Multipond (Waldkraiburg, Germany) has constructed a weigher that satisfies the most stringent hygiene requirements in the food industry. The MP-14-3800-1250-J was certified by both the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) with a perfect hygienic design rating. An independent mehr

Fully automatic cleaning for nugget ice makers

A feature long established for the flake ice makers from Maja (Kehl-Goldscheuer, Germany) is now also available for nugget ice makers: the fully automatic Maja-SCS cleaning system is a practical option that ensures optimal hygiene when producing nugget ice for the production and chilling of foods. A press of a button is all that is needed mehr

Economic and safe smoking

Regardless of what is being smoked, the quality of the smoke plays a critical role and is responsible for the success of a product. Smoke is subject to variations and the smoke quality that is generated depends on factors that the manufacturer can only control with difficulty in some cases. Smoke is also polluted with contaminants such mehr

Mixed precisely to a recipe

EAP Lachnit (Elchingen, Germany) offers charging systems in a stainless steel design for picking recipes in the food industry. The systems can be flexibly planned and are suitable for weighing various products from several large containers as well as precise batch composition in accordance with specified recipes. The charging systems mehr

Still fresh after days

Vacuum-packaging meat and sausage products is a hygienic solution and an ideal way to lengthen the shelf life and appearance of foods. This article presents current vacuum packaging models. mehr

Optimally packaged with vacuum

At Prime Food Sp. z. o. o. in Poland, all sausages are packaged with consumer-friendly modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The vacuum used to evacuate the air from the packaging is supplied by a central vacuum system manufactured by Busch for optimal efficiency and economy. mehr

Appetizing at first glance

An attractive appearance and efficient workflows are crucial when packaging meats and sausages as well as convenience products. This article discusses technical solutions for industrial food packaging. mehr

Forward-looking commitment

Once again, the Danish pork industry is a leader. The branch is exploring the possibilities of antibiotics-free pork production in a pilot project that is arousing worldwide interest. mehr

Focus on digital transition

Fully automatic processes and machines that communicate with each other are no longer a pipe dream. The reach of this digital transition, as well as the potential that can still be exploited, was the subject of a symposium at the University of East Westphalia-Lippe (OWL). mehr

Smoke for ham & Co.

At Edeka’s Schwarzwaldhof production site, one of the main operations is making large quantities of raw ham and ham cubes. The need for efficient smoking and ripening technology is correspondingly great. Edeka particularly relies on the company Sorgo Anlagenbau (Klagenfurt, Austria). mehr

Ensure exact product weights

HKScan Denmark is Denmark’s largest manufacturer of poultry products for the national and international markets. The poultry slaughterhouses in Vinderup and Skovsgaard together process 250,000 poultry carcasses a day. In the production facilities in Vinderup, more than a dozen checkweighers from Wipotec (Kaiserslautern, Germany) weigh mehr

Maturing cabinets for dry-aged beef

Dry Ager – a brand from Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG (Bad Saulgau, Germany) in the maturing cabinet section – produces the DX 500 compact delicatessen unit with a filling volume of about 20 kg of meat in addition to the DX 1000 maturing cabinet for up to 100 kg of meat. This allows butchers to easily pro­duce dry-aged beef, pork, mehr

Focus on resource efficiency

Anuga FoodTec, the leading international trade fair for suppliers in the food and beverage industry, will open its doors from March 20–23, 2018. Around 1,700 exhibitors from over 50 countries will be presenting their latest innovations – all related to the production and packaging of foodstuffs – in the 140,000 m2 of the Cologne trade fair halls. mehr

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