Sonderheft: SPECIAL 2011: Packaging and more

Innovations in focus

The interpack 2011 is taking place in Dusseldorf from May 12-18. Some 2,700 exhibitors from all sectors of the packaging branch will be presenting innovative, market-oriented product developments for every packaging need at this fair, which is the world’s largest and most important of its kind. 179,000 visitors attended the previous interpack three mehr

Best conditions for smoked goods

Enhancing raw meats through smoking and climatic treatment must take place under very specific conditions. Smoking procedures, climatic influences like temperature and humidity, air circulation in the chamber as well as treatment length vary according to the product. mehr

Systems for frosty tasks

Anyone who stores, processes, sells or transports foods needs powerful systems for cooling and freezing perishable products. Both a seamless cold chain must be maintained as well as the freshness and quality of sensitive products. mehr

Shorter ripening for typical flavor

The addition of starter and protective cultures shortens the ripening process, provides characteristic flavors, helps standardize processes and results in consistent quality: all factors with advantages for meat processors. Die Fleischerei presents products of various manufacturers that offer such benefits for the production process. mehr

Precise pressure, firm hold

Needle-sharp direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing place great demands on the print head of a label printer. How can outstanding printing results and maximum useful life be obtained? The answers to these questions as well as on labeling solutions for many products can be found here. mehr

Exactly weighed and safely packed

Every day, far in excess of two million people worldwide consume the meat products of Micarna SA. The Swiss company is continuously investing in state-of-the-art production equipment. Not long ago, a newly constructed multihead weigher with a fully-automated feed infeed as well as an X-ray device was purchased for deep-frozen (TK) and fresh products mehr

Never compromise cleanliness

Those who work with meats and sausages must ensure scrupulous hygiene in production, storage and sales rooms. In the last analysis, cleanliness is an important mark of quality for a company. Die Fleischerei presents professional products and solutions for uncompromising cleanness. mehr

Attractive packages sell better

Consumers are turning to packaged wares much more frequently, which makes it all the more important to package meats and sausages attractively. Flexibility, high speeds and absolute reliability are decisive performance features when selecting machines for industrial packaging. Die Fleischerei presents a number of solutions designed specifically for mehr

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