Sonderheft: SPECIAL 2011: Equipment for pros

Economic factor with added value

With total revenues from foreign trade of over 700 million euros, Germany was again the most important trading center for natural casings in 2009. 81,825 t of this raw material with a value of 318 million euros were exported. 57,164 t of natural casings were imported; their value is estimated at 384 million euros. This makes Germany the hub of the international mehr

When “inner value” counts

Artificial casings must convince customers with their “inner value”, which includes meat adhesion, for example. In this article, Die Fleischerei provides information on essential features and characteristics of artificial casings offered by various manufacturers. mehr

Natural spices in demand

The use of fine herbs and spices in meats and sausages can give these products an almost endless variety of tastes. The naturalness of herbs and spices, however, is of prime importance. This is why many spice mixtures and marinades are now made without additives or allergens. mehr

Equipment for all needs

Boiling kettles can do more than just boil. They can also be uses to roast, simmer, steam, stew, fry, mix, seal and even cool foods. In this article, Die Fleischerei provides information on the uses and features of the flexible all-rounders from various manufacturers. mehr

Pros value sharp knives

Meat can only be effectively handled with professional knives. And these must always be perfectly sharpened. This article discusses the most important facets of professional tools and knife grinders. mehr

Clearly defined slices - fast

Many robust machines are available for cutting fresh or frozen meat. Even at high cutting speeds, these devices guarantee clear, excellently defined slices. In this article, Die Fleischerei presents a variety of the most current cutting machines and frozen meat cutters and their features. mehr

One functional unit

When sausage casings are filled and closed, automated clippers and fillers form a functional unit. The more the sausage-making process is automated, the greater is the need for coordination between the two machines. Above all, filling and clipping is understood in industrial sausage production as one work step. mehr

Gentling processing large amounts

Industrial meat processing companies require that filling and portioning systems can be used in lines. A high degree of automation, high-performance control technology and high speed processing of all types of goods are thus necessary characteristics of such equipment - and simultaneously important criteria for investment decisions. mehr

No compromises in cut

Essential requirements for new grinding, cutting and mixing machines include obtaining a clearly defined cut, gentle handling of the raw material and high performance. This article provides information on a number of systems on the market. mehr

Creating quality sausage mixtures

Vacuum cutters are increasingly important in small companies. Butcher Ulrich Sauter from Stuttgart, Germany uses the Seydelmann K 124 H AC-8 vacuum cutter. He speaks about his experiences in the Fleischerei. mehr

Perfect, continual cutting

In addition to hygiene, meat producers pay particular attention to emulsification speed during the cutting process. For one thing, this affects the time taken; for another, it affects the fineness of the emulsion. This article discusses additional decisive features of cutter-mixers. mehr

Working cleanly in unclean areas

All aspects of the animal slaughtering process are subject to strict requirements. The framework regarding hygiene and work safety is specified by lawmakers. But there are additional economical aspects that compel slaughterhouses to continually increase their degree of automation in order to be - or remain - as efficient and competitive as possible. mehr

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