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2.5 tons of frozen meat per hour

At first glance, chopping frozen meat is easy. However, the forces involved must be controlled, which requires a robustly constructed machine that can withstand great force. A frozen meat cutter should not be too large – yet as powerful as possible. It must be easy to operate and clean. Rühle (Grafenhausen, Germany) has packed all these requirements into its frozen meat cutter.

The GR 50 is loaded at a working height of 970 mm. Frozen goods are transferred to a lifting device by a manual front-rail track and then proceed directly to the knife via an ideal fall height and safe sliding. At 45 cuts per minute, the knife bar with sturdy blades cuts frozen food into 30 × 90 mm wide pieces. Depending on the water content, the cut pieces can be shredded in a temperature range from –40 °C to +80 °C. The GR 50 is supported by a low-maintenance mechanical gearbox that reliably performs for years, according to the company. Massive shock absorbers with robust feet ensure smooth operation and a firm stand.

After shredding, the end-product falls to the correct working height. All common crate sizes or a 200-L standard trolley fit under the ejection belt, eliminating unnecessary crate carrying.

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