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2 arms for 3 motions

The Miknetum, made by Rühle Lebensmitteltechnik (Grafenhausen, Germany) gives companies the best possible mixing results with its two independent arms and three types of motion, according to the company. The basic construction consists of two mixing arms that are moved from the middle of the drum: an arm that rotates on the outside and has a scraper, and a second arm that rotates in the middle of the container. The mixing arms transfer the kinetic energy to the meat and evenly dose it within a batch.

Ideally, every piece of meat should be treated identically, regardless of the machine or batch size. Until now, a key problem has been processing different-sized pieces of meat in one batch. The arithmetic mean between too much energy for softer or smaller pieces of meat, as well as too little energy for more solid, larger pieces of meat, often led to broad differences in quality. The new technology in the Miknetum now ensures for uniform mixing results.

The inner rotating arm runs directly adjacent to the outer rotating arm. Together, they form a huge bucket that can lift nearly all of the meat in the container. This effect can be reduced as needed by letting the inner arm run synchronously but letting it lag by 30° after the external arm. The effect can be strengthened by letting the inner arm run 20° ahead. In this formation, the arms keep the meat at the highest point in the container and let it fall from there. The shock wave generated by this technology evenly penetrates the meat to the greatest possible extent, thus achieving even results.

The main arm rotating in the outer position – which among other things prevents meat from sticking or freezing to the container wall – builds a clear shear effect when the inner arm rotates in the opposite direction. This significantly reduces mixing times and completely eliminates pockets of spices in ground meat emulsions, for example.

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